Our company, FORTLOG, and the services we offer were born from a need - A need to provide people in crisis and under stress with tools and methods to identify, reduce and, possibly, eliminate the stressors in their lives.

Without experiencing a critical incident, we are all under a great number of stressors on a daily basis. Every person handles their own stressors in unique ways. For some, stress can be invigorating and exciting while for others stress can be depressing and debilitating. Our ability to cope with the trials of life is negatively affected by the number and magnitude of the stress events we are experiencing at any one time.

There is no right or wrong ways to deal with stress - Everyone is different!

Here are some of the services we offer to provide tools and methods to identify, reduce and, possibly, eliminate the stressors in the lives of our clients.

CISM - Critical Incident Stress Management

  • An active, short - term, supportive, helping process.
  • Acute intervention designed to mitigate the crisis response.
  • Not psychotherapy or a substitute for psychotherapy.

Therefore CISM = A Comprehensive, Integrated, Systematic, and Multi – component approach to crisis / disaster intervention.

CISM is a strategic intervention system.
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Organizational Health & Wellness

A healthy organization is one that meets its mission and simultaneously enables individuals to learn, grow, and develop [referred to numerous others] or The ability to achieve goals based on an environment that seeks to improve organizational performance and support employee well-being.

They connect through a systems thinking approach at organization, process, and role levels, and supporting employee well-being involves addressing both employee satisfaction and employee health (physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual [if needed] and relational).
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Leadership Development

True leadership is resilient, providing strength,
motivation, and direction; it is a catalyst that enables others to exceed their own expectations.

Using a developmental learning approach with
assessment tools, we enable individuals to develop into genuine, contributing leaders.
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Effective Conflict Resoultion

Conflict, in varying degrees, is inevitable in all relationships and organizations.

What strategies should be in place to minimize conflict?

What is ones conflict resolution style and how do you best use it?
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Proactive Intentional Coaching

Knowledgeably assistance regarding career changes, relationships (proactive and reactive), parenting including conflict resolution.

Change is inevitable in all relationships and organizations. Accepting and managing change is a learned approach and essential for survival in today’s society. It forces us to re-examine our present way of being. It is often a very difficult adjustment as we endure intense feelings of fear, doubt, and uncertainty.
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About Us

Since 1989, we have been actively helping people and organizations manage transitions: workplace change, conflict & stress, interpersonal relationship, trauma and death.

The leadership development is an integral component of our training sessions CISM - Critical Incident Stress Management, Organizational Health & Wellness, Proactive, Intentional Coaching and Effective Conflict Resolution.
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